LA Rams coaching updates. Who may be on the move?

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LA Rams News Thomas Brown
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Thomas Brown

If a team hopes to replicate the magic and success of the LA Rams by hiring their own young positional coach to become the new head coach of their team, then Thomas Brown is most certainly a bullseye in that regard. And Brown has certainly caught the eye of the Houston Texans, a team that is hoping to land a young head coach and grow the team with him.

Brown has one characteristic that is exemplary. He is a great communicator. And that is the stuff that is vital in the modern NFL. What he lacks in savvy and a long-tenured career as a coordinator and NFL coach, he more than makes up with reliability, persuasion, sharing his visions, and managing people in such a way that they naturally align with the goals and objectives of the team.

Will he land the Hoston Texans’ job? He’s my underdog candidate to do so.

Eric Henderson

Perhaps the greatest loss at stake for the LA Rams coaching staff right now is also my favorite coach of the team. Coach Eric Henderson is just 100 percent power-packed with positive energy, and his methods have been insanely effective for the LA Rams defensive line.

Even as the team has invested time and time again into wide receivers, linebackers, and defensive backs, Coach Henny has been content to take undrafted rookies who have great work ethics, are coachable, and are willing to put in the work. Coach Henny is a master’s level course in team dynamics, culture creation, and glorifying the grind to the point that even the best in the business look forward to working with him and playing for him.

He is no bullshit. He is tough love. He is no promises. He opens doors, points players in the right direction, and is there to talk them through it if and when they stumble along the way. But he is not a set of training wheels. He doesn’t sugarcoat anything. He treats young men like men and gives them the choice. But thanks to his tireless research, he knows that they all want to succeed in the NFL as badly as he wants them to.

In the end, I believe that Coach Eric Henderson is unique and irreplaceable. That is, unfortunately, why he is so valuable.

EDITORS Note: Just hours after publication, The Athletic’s Jourdan Rodrigue reported that the Rams had parted ways with a number of members from the LA Rams 2022 coaching staff, including:
Special Teams coordinator Joe DeCamillas
OL coach Kevin Carberry
DBs coach Jonathan Cooley
Asst DL coach Skyler Jones
Def asst Lance Schulters
OLB coach Thad Bogardus (expired contract, won’t renew)
Offensive coordinator  Liam Coen
RB coach Ra’Shaad Samples

That is in addition to the current list of coaches who are interviewing elsewhere for larger roles.

On a positive note, she did point out that Aubrey Pleasant (former LA Rams DBs coach) and Jimmy Lake (former DBs coach for Tampa Bay Buccaneers) are currently free agents.

So buckle up, everyone, because this is going to be a crazy ride.

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