Seahawks shrewdly set the market for LA Rams at this position

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

The LA Rams have come to rely upon place kicker Matt Gay. He has played for the Rams for the past 2.5 seasons and has become Mr. Automatic. Over his tenure with the Rams, he has made 74 of 80 field goal attempts, and 95 of 97 extra points. But what about those lengthy 40+ yard field goals? More good news, I’m pleased to share as he has made 31 of 34 field goals of 40 yards or more for the LA Rams.

That’s very impressive, particularly so when you factor in that he was the NFC Pro Bowl kicker for 2021. And it stands in stark contrast to the LA Rams’ struggles at kicking field goals before Matt Gay was signed to the LA Rams roster.

Matt Gay has been patiently re-signing to the LA Rams roster on one-year deals. But now, after 2.5 seasons of exemplary work, it appears that both sides are prepared to make this a more enduring and multi-year relationship.

Seahawks set the market price for kickers?

But wait just a minute. The Seattle Seahawks place kicker, Jason Myers, the same placekicker who was named to the Pro Bowl this season, just signed a new contract with the Seattle Seahawks.

Kicker Matt Gay has kicked 60 of 64 field goals and 79 of 81 extra points over the past two seasons for the LA Rams In comparison, Myers has kicked 51 of 60 field goals for the Seahawks over the past two seasons, and nailed 85 of 89 extra points. So the two kickers are equivalent in production. What Gay has in terms of consistency, Myers was the hotter of the two in the 2022 NFL season.

Right now, the LA Rams are expected to re-sign Matt Gay. Due to the Seahawks’ shrewd efforts, we now have a pretty good guess what the teams of the contract will be. Whether intended or not, the Seattle Seahawks have set the market for the LA Rams, and the Rams will almost certainly follow suit with a four-year contract that will fall between $20-25 million.

Is that what the LA Rams had budgeted to re-sign their placekicker? Well, ready or not, the Seahawks have dictated the price. Now, the LA Rams’ only option is to extend Gay at that price or roll the dice once more in free agency or the 2023 NFL Draft.

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