3 ways Cam Akers will help you forget Rams RB Todd Gurley in 2023

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Chapter III: Akers may be better than ever

You may think that the chapter for Akers’s full recovery starts with the 2022 NFL season. But I don’t think that it does. Akers tried and sputtered to run at the end of the 2021 NFL season and that carried over to the early part of 2022.

Through his first seven games of the 2022 NFL season, Cam Akers was running, but not very effectively. He rushed 62 times for 176 yards and one touchdown, an average of just 2.83 yards per run. And that includes a period of time when he was benched due to a dispute over his usage with the team.

But ultimately, the downtime paid off. His average began to rise above the benchmark of 4.0 yards per run, and when that happened, he began to get more and more of the team’s carries.

Akers never stopped believing in himself.

The true test

In actuality, Akers played in 15 games and missed two games, plus a bye week. But the real zest for Akers did not start until he was able to trust his ankle to plant and pivot, and that moment did not arrive until he was pissed off enough to forget about his injury and just go out and play.

The finale of the 2022 NFL season was a huge statement by Cam Akers. While some fans have poo-poohed his 786 yards and seven rushing touchdowns, that’s an entirely new level compared to where he was through the first half of the season. For all intents and purposes, his season stats were very similar (but better) to his promising rookie season.

Now for the good stuff: 3 reasons why Cam Akers can break 1000 yards.