3 ways Cam Akers will help you forget Rams RB Todd Gurley in 2023

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Reason III: He has been to hell and back

Adversity changes our outlook on life. But how many of us have faced the adversity that had beset LA Rams rookie running back Cam Akers? And at such a young and vulnerable of his NFL career?  The truth is that he has had to confront and overcome the scariest demons of his life.

Having done so, what can scare him? What defense can stop him? The guy took handoffs from Baker Mayfield, a quarterback who earned respect from NFL defenses, but who no defense feared. He was not going to go off and throw for 300+ yards for the LA Rams, simply due to the fact that the team had to create a reader’s digest of their offensive playbook just to give him a chance of running the offense.

Can’t touch this

Defense attention pivoted to stopping Akers, but without success. Well, with mixed results. The Rams were 1-1-1 with the final game lost but more by the actions of horrendous NFL officiating than by the Rams failing to claim a win. But in terms of Cam Akers, the young man rushed 63 times for 345 yards and three touchdowns. that is an average of 115 yards per game, plus one touchdown per game when the defense knows that you will be the primary offensive weapon.

But it was more than that. It was very much like the movie Born Free or Free Willy, where a zoo or a marina confines a wild animal, only for the movie to eventually see the joy of those creatures returning to their native habitat. Watching Akers plow through defenses and put up huge chunks of yards, I sat in wonder. This is what Cam Akers is built for. He is at his best on the football field, carrying the football and Rams offense to a first down, better field position, and even a touchdown.

And it was nice to see him back in his native habitat.