Stafford’s back: Why Rams offense will turn from eccentric to electric

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2022 offense recap

The LA Rams offense was no better than pedestrian in 2022. The team generated only 280.5 yards of offense per game, dead last in 2022. The Rams gained just 182.8 yards through the air, no better than 27th best in the NFL.

The running attack was no better, despite three consecutive 100+ rushing yards from RB Cam Akers, the team averaged just 97.7 yards per game, again, coming in at 27th best in the NFL. The Rams’ 18.1 points per game were only good enough to be the 26th-ranked NFL scoring offense.

So what can the Rams do to fix all of this? In many ways, perhaps the fix is already on the way. Here’s what I mean.

From eccentric to electric?

The Rams were an eccentric offense in 2022. They tried to pass far too often to far too few receivers to open the 2022 NFL season. But over the last eight games, Stafford had a chance to sit on the sidelines and watch the action. The Rams’ offense discovered that wide receivers Allen Robinson, Ben Skowronek, Van Jefferson, and Tutu Atwell were all worthy targets in the passing game.

Even at 5-12, the LA Rams lost four games decided by one score.  And equally disappointing, the Rams lost four games in which they held a lead at halftime. As the Rams’ opponents adjusted their strategies to thwart the Rams’ efforts, the Rams appeared to be paralyzed by their own hubris and doubled down on their strategy to carry the team to a win.

Sticking to their guns seldom ended well for the Rams last year.  But as players fell to injuries, the Rams’ offense began to adapt too. And those late-season discoveries are the basis for 2023 optimism: