LA Rams target Bears’ Austin King, but for which coaching vacancy?

(Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images)
(Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images) /

The LA Rams may be trying to plug holes in a rapidly depleted coaching staff, but the work of restaffing the Rams coaches has to start somewhere. Right now, the latest Rams rumors have the Rams requesting an interview with Chicago Bears’ assistant offensive line coach Austin King. Of course, the presumption is that he would interview with the Rams for their vacated offensive line coach. But, I’m not so sure:

Because the LA Rams have a significant number of vacant coaching positions and will interview a range of coaches, typically opting to announce all hires simultaneously, there are a few vacant coaching positions that the Rams may be interviewing to fill at this time.

But King has also coached the tight end position, and the LA Rams are very much at risk of losing RB/TE coach Thomas Brown to other teams as he is one of the hottest names to be interviewed for an offensive coordinator role. That would create another opening in the Rams coaching staff that is already quite porous.

It was the Rams’ interview with Broncos offensive coordinator Justin Outten that made me realize that the team could be targeting positional coaches on their staff. Outten had coached tight ends for the Green Bay Packers before taking on a role with the Denver Broncos:

The Rams may not announce their coaching staff hires for weeks to come. In the weeks that come, do not expect many names to be leaked to the press. The Rams have been rather subdued and silent about coaching hires in the past, and this year is expected to fall right in line with past practices.

The Rams have already parted ways with a number of coaches, and there are more than a handful of potential losses as the remaining coaches are interviewing elsewhere for a chance at promotion with other NFL teams. That all spells the likelihood of significant coaching changes for the LA Rams once more.

Hot. Have LA Rams become the farm system for NFL coordinators and HCs?. light