Have LA Rams become the farm system for NFL coordinators and HCs?

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

In a year that the LA Rams offense struggled to put points on the scoreboard, gain yards on the ground, develop young receivers into gametime contributors, and make a dent in the NFL in any offensive category, the Rams are still suffering from the annual depletion of coaching talent.


Well, we’re way past ridiculous now. With a multitude of NFL teams seeking fresh and innovative approaches to their own offense, those teams are knocking on the door to the Rams organization once more.  And it’s becoming a bit tiresome. One of the hottest positional coaches on the LA Rams coaching staff is QB coach / Passing game coordinator Zac Robinson. While his name was mentioned as a coach to keep on your radar, the harsh reality is that he is interviewing with the LA Chargers for their offensive coordinator position.

And he has ties to Chargers HC Brandon Staley.  Why is he such a hot name? Well, the Rams lost former passing game coordinator Shane Waldron to the rival Seattle Seahawks, and he has been doing a bang-up job there as the Seahawks have seamlessly transitioned their offense.

The LA Rams had brought in Greg Olson last season to become a senior offensive assistant for Rams HC Sean McVay.

So the NFL just wants some piece of this Rams offense to graft into their own team’s coaching staff?

Both the Ravens and LA Chargers are in hot pursuit of Zac Robinson. Imagine the intensity of NFL teams seeking leadership on the offensive side of the football field when all NFL teams have hired their head coaches. Will the Rams be able to count on Robinson to be a member of the coaching staff in 2023?

There are only so many good NFL-caliber coaches created each year. Rather than conduct a cold search, more and more NFL teams simply wait for the LA Rams to find them and develop them. Then, they hire them to their own team with the offer of a big fat promotion and pay raise.

It’s just business, sure. But it’s getting awfully frustrating as well.

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