What if…? This LA Rams IOL shockingly opts for free agency?

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How does Shelton hit Rams’ free agency in 2023?

So too does a player like Coleman Shelton, who will block several defenders, get shafted in that type of analysis? Where a stationary offensive lineman like Brian Allen gets graded on one block on one defender, Shelton gets graded on two or three blocks on multiple defenders. And if that defender makes a tackle eight or nine yards downfield, then Shelton will be scored poorly despite the effectiveness of that play.

I prefer to have an offensive lineman make those blocks downfield on running plays. With the past five 100+ yards rushing falling on the same games that Shelton is playing at center, I don’t believe that is the coincidence that some may make it out to be.

Will Shelton become the Rams free agency highest priority?

The problem is simple economics. Coleman Shelton was the absolute cheapest starter on the Rams’ offensive line in 2022. And he outplayed that contract. I did not have privy to his contract details, but Pro Football Focus reports that Shelton’s second year under his current contract is a player-option year.

Outplayed the contract and a player option year to return. Do you see where this is heading?

Now the Rams must face the possibility that Shelton could and likely will test his value in the NFL Free Agency market in 2023. So the LA Rams face a dilemma. Many have suggested that the Rams draft a center and a franchise offensive left tackle. And the Rams certainly have the picks to do so in the 2023 NFL Draft if they target a left tackle in Round 2 and an offensive center in Round 3.

But is that what the Rams will do? Historically, the Rams have opted to sign veterans to cover their bases on the offensive line, and then allow training camp competition to designate the other players who make the 53-man roster. But the Rams may simply opt to slot second-year IOL Logan Bruss at RG, and let Coleman Shelton sign the best contract he can find in the NFL Free Agency market.

I didn’t expect this as a development, as I believe that Coleman Shelton is one of the better players on the Rams’ offensive line. But after the team started Jeremiah Kolone and Bobby Evans due to injuries on the offensive line, nothing will surprise me this season

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