Is the LA Rams offensive line already better off than it was a year ago?

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /
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The LA Rams offensive line entering 2022 was believed to be sufficient for the demands of that season. It wasn’t. But the LA Rams front office worked hard to restaff the offensive line, to the point that even now, before the 2023 NFL Draft, the offensive line is arguably in better standing than it was a year ago.

Okay, put your eyes back in their sockets and unclench your fists. Here is what I mean. There is a false perception that the LA Rams have ignored the offensive line for years and years. While the team has not prioritized offensive linemen in past to the expectation of Rams fans, the team has drafted offensive linemen in the past:

Rams OL Draft (and UDFA) additions under HC Sean McVay

2018 – OT Joseph Noteboom, OC Brian Allen, OL Jamil Demby
2019 – OL David Edwards, OL Bobby Evans
2020 – OL Tremayne Anchrum Jr.
2021- UDFA Alaric Jackson (had a draft grade of Round 5)
2022 – IOL Logan Bruss, OT A.J. Arcuri

Over the past five seasons, the Rams have added nine offensive linemen to the roster via the NFL Draft (or signing undrafted rookies after the draft). But that is not how this LA Rams front office exclusively operates. The Rams’ front office does not await the next draft to patch holes in the Rams’ roster.

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The Rams have added additional offensive linemen in any number of other ways. In fact, the Rams have added eight additional offensive linemen to the Rams roster without the use of the NFL draft completely.  We’ll touch base on that on the next slide.  But for now, let’s sit back and see exactly how the Rams have addressed offensive line deficiencies over the years: