Broncos mimic LA Rams, go All-In pairing Payton with Russell

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Mandatory Credit: Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports /

The LA Rams have been accused of squandering first-round draft picks, but recent data graphics revealed what we’ve guessed for some time. That is, drafting a prospect in any NFL Draft is no sure thing. In fact, even the results of selecting among the Top-5 in the draft have had less than amazing results. So what have the Rams figured out as an alternative to the gambling experience of the NFL Draft?

Simply stated, the Rams have traded those hit-or-miss chances to other teams, and in those exchanges, have landed proven NFL veterans whose production and performance have been among the top of the NFL.

One of the teams that have tried to replicate that same track to the top is the Denver Broncos, who traded a host of draft picks and players to the Seattle Seahawks in exchange for quarterback Russell Wilson. But that never gained traction, as the Broncos regressed, plummeting to the bottom of the AFC West Division with a 5-12 record.

The Broncos are doubling down on their efforts to fast-track the way to the top. Right now, NFL rumors are reported that the Broncos are negotiating the rights to hire former New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton as their next head coach:

What did the Broncos give up? A first-round pick and a second-round pick

Of course, if it all works out, and the Denver Broncos suddenly become an AFC powerhouse, then the Broncos’ draft picks (whatever the final price is) will be a small price to pay. But if the Broncos are chasing the bad investment in QB Russell Wilson with more NFL currency to acquire HC Sean Payton, and it doesn’t work out, then the team has squandered their future twice over.

The LA Rams have been strategic with their trades. In almost all cases, the team had a defined need and set about to address that need with one of the best players in that position in the NFL. I don’t see that happening for the Denver Broncos. Can it work out? Possibly. But the combination will have a much better chance with plenty of patience. Unfortunately after being this impulsive and putting so much on the line for the 2023 NFL season, I fear patience will come in short supply.

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