NFL Trade Rumors: Would Rams trade for Jonathon Taylor?

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How can the Rams tweak this trade to become better for both teams?

The secret to negotiating is knowing what your trade partner wants to emerge from in any negotiation. If you know what they want, and can deliver it, you’ve gotten that much closer to walking away from the exchange with both trade partners happy.

The Indianapolis Colts are a team that is looking to land a passer in the 2023 NFL Draft. So what do the Colts need for that new quarterback? The rule of thumb suggests that the Colts will want to land a top offensive tackle, a star wide receiver, or a strong versatile running back. The Colts drafted their left tackle, Bernhard Raimann, in the third round of the 2023 NFL Draft. And as cited earlier, if the Colts make this trade, they are likely content with RB Zack Moss handling the load.

Rams rumors: Give them what they need

So the area of need for the Indianapolis Colts that could sweeten the deal for the Colts, and yet come from a position of surplus for the LA Rams is wide receiver.

The LA Rams have discovered that WR Tutu Atwell has much more to contribute to an NFL offense than originally thought. Why not add him, a former second-round selection, to the exchange? And while we’re at it, what about throwing in RB Cam Akers too? Now, what would that trade look like?

In this trade scenario, the Colts get a running back in Cam Akers who has significant upside, a wide receiver in Tutu Atwell who very much has the potential to perform like NFL wide receiver Marquise Brown or Brandin Cooks, a 2023 fourth-round pick, and a 2024 conditional pick based upon the playing time and production of Akers or Atwell in the Colts offense.

The draft pick could be improved in 2023 but would come at the expense of the future conditional pick. If the Indianapolis Colts preferred another WR, like Allen Robinson, the conditional pick would be eliminated. The pieces are less important than the general philosophy that the Rams could package players and picks to give the Colts a jumpstart at getting better.

The Colts, looking to build a young and inexpensive team around a new rookie quarterback, certainly do so. RB Cam Akers could be a 1000-yard rusher this year for the Colts, and Tutu Atwell would be a nice young offensive weapon as well.

Will it happen? Well, the original deal of a second-round pick for Taylor places a lot of pressure on the Indianapolis Colts to nail that pick in the draft. If the two teams do negotiate a trade, it makes more sense for the Colts to look for young players combined with picks to reduce the risk.

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