Colts may bring back Rams DC Raheem Morris for 3rd round

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

As the LA Rams await the decision of DC Raheem Morris, Raheem Morris is himself awaiting the decision of the Indianapolis Colts. Right now, that decision does not appear to be coming at any point in the next day or so. Despite two rounds of interviews, some lasting longer than 12 hours, the Colts are now rumored to be paring down the list to a smaller list and then conducting another round of interviews.

That is the latest update, and it’s a bit perplexing.

I understand wanting to be certain.  Still, this is not a rocket science type of task here. The Indianapolis Colts, like all NFL teams, have a good handle on what they are looking for in their next head coach, and the two rounds of interviews should be plenty of time to discern who is and is not suited to check all of the boxes.

Is this a stall tactic? Do the Colts have their eye on a coach who is competing in the Super Bowl and are justifying delaying the process to allow for that candidate to be fully considered? Or is this a facade, a performance that suggests that the team is already set on hiring someone, but fears a sudden decision will portray them as having just gone through the motions?

All tallied, the Indianapolis Colts have conducted over 20+ interviews so far. And for the teams like the LA Rams, whose defensive coordinator is in the running, this forces the LA Rams to wait as well. Meanwhile, top defensive coordinator candidates are not waiting, and are being hired.  That places the Rams into a difficult situation if Raheem Morris is ultimately hired by the Colts.

You would think that having had an interim head coach would have placed the Colts ahead of other teams in terms of hiring their next head coach. But they are coming in dead last and dragging the Rams to the back of the line as well.

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