Rams Raheem remains: Don’t be discouraged by the news

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The LA Rams have learned today that they will have DC Raheem Morris back to lead the defense. Of course, there has already been the expected dramatic wave of reactions on social media that have little substance and an overabundance of theatrics, but the truth of the matter is that the Rams will not be resetting the defense this off-season.

Which means that the focus can and should be on improving it.

The news was reported this morning by ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter that the Indianapolis Colts informed all remaining candidates not named Shane Steichen (the Philadelphia Eagles’ current offensive coordinator) that they were no longer being considered for the position:

The LA Rams have been held in limbo throughout the offseason, as they were unable to fill defensive positional coaching vacancies with all of the uncertainty surrounding their defensive coordinator position. Now, as the Colts have honed their focus, the Rams are no longer in neutral.

So which defensive coaches need to be hired?

We covered this earlier, and you are welcome to click this link here to get a quick review of the Rams coaching staff. But for simplicity’s sake, here is the latest summary:


OC – Mike LaFleur (Stafford impact) (Akers impact) (offense impact)
Liam Coen to UK
DC- Raheem Morris (interviewing for Colts/Broncos HC positions)
STC – vacant
Joe DeCamillis (Special teams mixed bag for 2023)

Offensive coaches

OL – Ryan Wendell
QB – Zac Robinson (interviewing w Chargers/Ravens/more)
TE – Nick Caley
RB – Thomas Brown
Ra’Shaad Samples to ASU
WR – Eric Yarber
Sr. Offensive assistant – Greg Olson

Defensive coaches

DL – Eric Henderson (interviewing for DC)
LB – Chris Beake
OLB – vacant
Secondary – vacant
DB Coach – Chris Shula
Defensive assistant – vacant

As you can see, the LA Rams still have a number of defensive positional coaching vacancies. Now, with the certainty of the defensive coordinator role, the Rams can turn their attention to filling the remaining coaching positions and then pivot to caretaking the roster.

The motivation behind the enclave of fans who want Raheem Morris gone escapes me. It’s not that the Rams’ defense has been egregiously bad. It’s not as though the Rams’ defense did not struggle with injuries in the secondary and the defensive line that rivaled the injuries on the offensive side of the football field. And it was not as though the Rams’ secondary was rich with experience, as the team played rookies Derion Kendrick, Cobie Durant, Russ Yeast, and even a smattering of Quentin Lake in 2022.

6The defense is not as bad as all that

While many complain about the way the Rams’ defense performed in 2022, few have taken the time to diagnose the true causes. The Rams’ defense suffered from a lack of a strong pass rush, a series of injuries to the secondary, and the inevitable fate of playing from behind that keeps the opponent’s entire offensive playbook wide open.

The Rams will have a chance to reset their roster in the offseason, and in the process address the positional groups that fell short in the 2022 NFL season.

Yes, Raheem Morris is back. Rather than already digging in your heels and determining what a disaster for the Rams this turn of events is, why not give the guy a fair and objective chance? He was the defensive coordinator for the Super Bowl winners just one year ago. The defense, just like the offense, suffered a rash of injuries.

The Rams’ defense certainly was able to fix that damnable hole in the heart of the football field in 2022. Now, I’m optimistic that both the team’s pass rush and secondary can improve significantly as well.

It all comes down to unfinished business. I think the LA Rams will put impressive finishing touches on their defense this season.

Stay tuned . . .

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