Which positions should LA Rams draft on Day 2 of the 2023 NFL Draft?

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Draft needs vs. draft priorities

We had examined the LA Rams’ 2023 NFL Draft needs before, and at that time we listed positions of OT, Edge, and DB that the team must address in the draft. But, when? The challenge right now is that the Rams will certainly address some needs in free agency, albeit perhaps not as well as some would wish.

But there are positions on the LA Rams that do need to be addressed, and the Rams will need to be aware that the roster will need to be balanced and be stocked with appropriate depth. So where should the Rams park their Day 2 picks? To illustrate the conundrum, we’ve listed six positions that could be addressed by the LA Rams in Round 2 and then added two more positions to the list for Round 3. We already assume risk by not including wide receiver, a position known to be quite popular with the LA Rams on draft day.

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Round 2 priorities

The LA Rams have a completely different reason for making their draft selections than fans do. For the fans, we each have our favorites in the draft, and then insist that the team adds that player to the roster. But from the LA Rams’ perspective, the reason to draft a player oftentimes is more about the difference to the team that player will make. For example, fans will view the 2023 NFL Draft as a must-draft OL. But for the team, they know who they have at offensive linemen, and will only draft a player who they view as better.

Beyond the OL, the Rams will weigh the option to draft an offensive lineman against the option to draft at another positional group. In the end, the Rams will add the player who makes the team better in their view.

So what does it look like?

Draft Rd           Position      Veteran options
2                         OC                Coleman Shelton, Brian Allen
2                         IOL               Logan Bruss, Tremayne Anchrum Jr. Chandler Brewer
2                         OT                Alaric Jackson, Ty Nsekhe (FA extension)
2                         Edge            Leonard Floyd, Michael Hoecht
2                         S                   Jordan Fuller, Quentin Lake, Russ Yeast
2                         CB                Jalen Ramsey, Cobie Durant, Robert Rochell

3                         TE                 Tyler Higbee, Brycen Hopkins
3                         RB                 Cam Akers, Kyren Williams

In the end, the Rams clearly have far more needs than picks. The challenge is, as it is every year, to land the best upgrade for the team. From the perspective of the coaches, they will not always agree with the perceptions of the fans. The Rams coaching staff knows that the Rams’ offensive line needs help, but will they sacrifice an opportunity to land a great safety to get a good offensive tackle?

The Rams learned that a seasoned veteran like Ty Nsekhe was adequate at the team’s left tackle position. If the team re-signs him, will they be better upgraded by landing a top-notch edge rusher who can get 10 quarterback sacks in 2023?