1 free-agent move from NFC West Division rivals that should terrify Rams fans

Los Angeles Rams Sean McVay v San Francisco 49ers Kyle Shanahan
Los Angeles Rams Sean McVay v San Francisco 49ers Kyle Shanahan / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages
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The LA Rams have done a pretty good job so far in the 2024 NFL offseason. While fans must await the actual live performance of many new faces added to the Rams roster, their historical performance, reputation, and ranking among NFL analysts suggest that this team has selected some savvy solutions for 2024.

If only it was as simple as all of that.

While the front office kept themselves busy restocking the roster with new talent, so did 31 other teams. Of course, all of the free agency talent available to add to rosters came from those teams. So it's a matter of taking one step back, in the hopes of taking two steps forward. We know that is not always the case in the NFL. In the NFL, many very good teams struggle to repeat at that level of playoff contender.

Of 14 teams that competed in the 2024 NFL Playoffs, as many as half may not return in 2025. But some teams, like the Seattle Seahawks, may find themselves back in the postseason discussion with a wise addition or two to their roster. So too the San Francisco 49ers hope to repeat as NFC Champions and have made some roster moves that give them reason to believe that a repeat is possible.

Even the lowly Arizona Cardinals, fresh off a 4-13 season, will find that the second season of a full rebuild will payoff in much more consistent play. Even their roster has been improved with some key players who could make a huge difference this season. And so, it's an opportune time to survey the competition, and rationally assess those players who have been added to their rosters who could prove to be thorns in the sides this year. Let's get right to it: