1 free-agent move from NFC West Division rivals that should terrify Rams fans

Los Angeles Rams Sean McVay v San Francisco 49ers Kyle Shanahan
Los Angeles Rams Sean McVay v San Francisco 49ers Kyle Shanahan / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages
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Cards beef up their defensive front with this rising star DT

If you had to improve one aspect of the Arizona Cardinals team this offseason, where would you start? You may want to begin with their run defense, which ended the 2023 NFL season dead last in the league. If you recall, the Rams offense walloped the Cardinals on the ground in two games last year, gashing them with 61 running plays for 407 yards and two touchdowns.

The Cardinals didn't have a prayer of stopping feature running back Kyren Williams, who personally put up 301 rushing yards and a touchdown against the NFC West Division rivals. And yet, that was then, this is now.

Now, the Cardinals have taken steps to improve their paltry run defense. To that goal, they have signed the 6-foot-3 309-pound defensive tackle, Justin Jones, who is hitting the prime of his NFL career. The Arizona Cardinals are banking on his presence to shut down opposing runners by signing him to a new three-year contract valued at over $30 million.

While he was not highly regarded by Pro Football Focus in 2023, Jones is a big-bodied and powerful defensive tackle who does not make the Cardinals surrender a pass rush. In fact, he has a twitchy move that often allows him to get after the quarterback sooner rather than later. His 4.5 quarterback sacks will certainly help the Cardinals pass rush, and with him entering the prime age for his NFL career, he could be a force to be reckoned with.