1 free-agent moves from each NFC West Division rival that Rams fans can laugh at

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Cardinals sign OT Jonah Williams

There was some confusion over the Arizona Cardinals interest in Jonah Williams. The Rams defensive end named Jonah Williams had just signed with the Minnesota Vikings. But the former Cincinnati Bengals offensive tackle met with and agreed to play for the Cardinals for the next three NFL seasons. At 6-foot-3 and 305 pounds, he is a bit undersized for the modern blueprint of offensive tackle.

But he wrangled more than $31 million to suit up for the Cardinals over the next three years.

Let's be clear. Offensive tackle Jonah Williams (not to be confused with former Rams DE Jonah Williams) started 59 games for the CIncinnati Bengals. But he has struggled at pass blocking his entire career. in four NFL seasons, he has averaged more than 8.0 quarterback sacks per season. Compounding the problem even more, he has averaged nearly four penalties per season as well.

Is he merely a bridge player? Is he simply a veteran offensive tackle who will serve as a placeholder until the team can draft and develop a more permanent solution for the offensive tackle role? If he is, then the team grossly overpaid him at two years for $30 million.

Jonah Williams was graded a disappointing 58.5 by Pro Football Focus for his 2023 performance. That hardly screams a lucrative contract to me. But the Cardinals had money to burn in the 2024 NFL Free Agency market.

And on this occasion, that appears to be what they did. Just another opportunity for Rams fans to snicker at the Cardinals.