10 bold predictions for LA Rams 2024 offseason

Los Angeles Rams, Les Snead
Los Angeles Rams, Les Snead / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages
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1. Rams sign Kevin Dotson to multi-year deal

While the cards are stacked against him, the LA Rams have a much higher interest in keeping their core group together than at any time in their history of GM Les Snead and HC Sean McVay. The Rams have never extended a seasoned offensive guard since the two have united and led the Rams to the NFL Championship Game twice in the past seven years. But I think it will happen this year.

Of course, that won't happen if Rams starting right guard Kevin Dotson holds out for the highest bidder. If the Rams perceive Dotson as motivated by the most money, that could hamper negotiations to bring Dotson back. Still, don't interpret that as a belief that Dotson must be willing to give the LA Rams organization a significant home-town discount. He deserves to be paid.

But compensation is a fleeting thing. Some players get money, but no playing time. Some players get money and playing time, but our downright miserable competing for a team that is realistically not competitive. And even if all of those boxes are checked off, football is essentially a game. Is the player having fun playing football? Or has it become a lunch pail grind of showing up to get ground down?

One of the unique characteristics of the LA Rams is the fact that so many veterans seem to rekindle their enjoyment of playing football on the team. Once you are having fun, so many other factors become less vital. Now don't interpret that as if the Rams are kicking back and taking a season off in 2024. They are going to compete for the NFL Championship next season. But they are one of few teams that will enjoy the season every step of the way.

I think that means something to Kevin Dotson, at least enough to lure him to negotiate with the LA Rams in good faith until the two sides hammer out a deal to his satisfaction. Dotson may be offered more money to play elsewhere. But, I think he truly enjoyed his first season playing for the LA Rams, and wants more where that came from.