10 underrated moves the LA Rams made in 2023 offseason

Los Angeles Rams Offseason Workout Les Snead
Los Angeles Rams Offseason Workout Les Snead / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages
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The LA Rams are a mixed bag for the upcoming 2023 NFL season, but that does not mean that the team has been without interesting moves. Whether the team is trading for defensive back Jalen Ramsey or signing interior offensive lineman Matt Skura, the LA Rams have never failed to make moves to improve the team and the Rams roster. It's just that some moves happen and are undetected.

In terms of 'splash,' moves, the LA Rams have never been out of the NFL headlines for very long. This is the NFL's version of a major Hollywood movie studio, and as such there are always some form for headline worthy events happening in the LA Rams organization. But we're looking for the underrated moves now, the under-the-radar actions that seem to be less than they really are, or will turn out to be.

The LA Rams are a very good team, but this team is not infallible. Still, there is a lot of buzz about the big moves, and not much said about the constant stream of tweaks to the bottom end of the Rams roster or even to the coaching staff that has a significant impact on the success of this team. Such as?

X - Hired OC Mike LaFleur

When the LA Rams hired offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur, he became the fourth offensive coordinator to be hired by head coach Sean McVay. While the role has not always been present on the Rams coaching staff, its importance has grown in recent years. So who has filled the role in the past? Offensive coordinators under HC Sean McVay have included:

  1. 2017 - Matt LaFleur
  2. 2018 - Aaron Kromer, Run Game Coordinator
  3. 2018 - Shane Waldron, Passing Game Coordinator
  4. 2019 - Aaron Kromer, Run Game Coordinator
  5. 2019 - Shane Waldron, Passing Game Coordinator
  6. 2020 - Kevin O'Connell
  7. 2021- Kevin O'Connell
  8. 2022 - Liam Coen
  9. 2023 - Mike LaFleur

The reason that I believe that Mike LaFleur is an underrated move is that, while McVay knows and respects Mike LaFleur, LaFleur is not a yes man hire nor a hire from the same school of offensive philosophy.

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Mike LaFleur cut his wisdom teeth on the coaching staff of the San Francisco 49ers, and as such has a far greater range and daresay appreciation for the positive impact of the running game to the success of an NFL offense. That is clearly an area that Coach McVay believes need to be bolstered in the Rams offensive playbook and, with LaFleur's help, will be accomplished this year.