10 worst Rams draft picks of LA Rams GM Les Snead's era

LA Rams GM Les Snead
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While we love to tout the shrewd ability of LA Rams GM Les Snead to land the right players for the Rams offense, there is always the chance of swinging and missing as well. Since he was hired on February 12, 2012, Snead has been a general manager who does not shy away from making high-risk high-reward trades and draft picks if it has a chance of improving the LA Rams roster.

What that all means is that it has been Rams GM Les Snead that has directed the last 11 NFL Drafts for the LA Rams. Over that time, there have been some great selections by the Rams in the draft, but there have been some eye rolls over that time as well.

How does this happen? Well, keep in mind that the ability to hit the mark by the Rams front office is like boarding a train and trying to hit a bullseye at a distance while shooting from a moving train on a foggy morning. The Rams personnel office may be doing everything correctly, but the moving train symbolizes how rapidly conditions change in the NFL, and the fog reflects the uncertainty of the entire NFL Draft process.

Of course, there have been unfathomable challenges facing the LA Rams and the NFL at large of late. In 2020, the NFL and NFLPA had to place a hiatus on the season temporarily and develop an entire array of medical and safety protocols to protect the players, staff, and family members from contracting and transmitting the coronavirus. In 2021, some areas relaxed their protocols, and fans were finally able to begin attending football games in person once more.

Is it fair to assess the LA Rams ability to draft throughout the period? It depends on how you interpret the message I am delivering. The Rams missed at some draft picks. All 32 NFL teams do at some point. That is why the Rams willingness to trade picks for players never was of great concern. Cash is always better than a lottery ticket.

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So when did the LA Rams General Manager miss on a draft pick? Here are 10 such examples that I could identify during his tenure.