100 years ago on June 17, 2023, the legend of Rams Crazy Legs Hirsch was born

Elroy Hirsch - Los Angeles Rams
Elroy Hirsch - Los Angeles Rams / Vic Stein/GettyImages

Ah, those good ole days when life was simpler, there was no social media, and the main source of anything related to the NFL and the LA Rams was found in the sports section of the daily newspaper. For a more comprehensive analysis, there were any number of monthly magazines that featured the NFL in a special edition that covered the NFL Draft, the upcoming NFL season, and the NFL Playoffs.

But the daily saturation of NFL news in the offseason is a relatively modern phenomenon. Back in 'the day,' access to information about NFL players was very limited. But the performances of those NFL stars from yesteryear were no less newsworthy. In fact, it was the heroics of those players that built the NFL into the sport that is the number one spectator sport in the US today.

One NFL hero was Elroy Hirsch, an NFL star who changed the game. While he is no longer with us (June 17, 1923 - January 28, 2004), Elroy 'Crazy Leg' Hirsch was one of the ironmen of the early NFL who played both offense and defense. In fact, he played end (today's wide receiver), halfback (today's running back), and defensive end. Even more shocking is that he was able to play in the NFL for 12 seasons.

If you want to catch his official NFL tribute video, click on this link here.

There have never been another Crazy Legs, and there likely never will be. Even his nickname was as unique as the player, a name he earned by scoring on a 62-yard run that helped Wisconsin win a football game. And that name stuck with him throughout his career.

Just to add some perspective, in 1951 Hirsch competed in just 12 games and yet put up 1,495 receiving yards and 17 touchdowns, That type of production is great even when compared to modern-day receivers who compete in 17 regular season games. But nobody connected on those long bombs like Rams quarterback Bob Waterford when throwing to Hirsch. They connected on a 91-yard touchdown strike in 1951, a play that was patented as the "Elroy Hirsch special," and became his trademark.

Even to this day, Rams jersey number 40 will always be linked to NFL Hall of Famer Crazy Legs Hirsch. And it as the Hirsch family that consented to allow OLB Von Miller to don the number during the LA Rams 2021 Super Bowl run

On this June 18, 2023 Father's Day, it somehow seems appropriate to honor one of the gifted forefathers of the game itself. LA Rams great Elroy Hirsch, a.k.a. 'Crazy Legs,' is a perfect example of a player whose excellence has withstood the test of time. Yes, the LA Rams are blessed to have WR Cooper Kupp on the roster.

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But I'm afraid that even Cooper Kupp himself will admit that Crazy Legs still has the edge. Just check out this pictorial of his NFL career. He was, is, and will be one of a kind.