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Option II: OLB Anthony Barr

This just in: The LA Rams pass rush is not nearly as barren or destitute as many feared that it might be this season. Of course, that being said, the Rams could always welcome more pass rushers, right?

So It shouldn't surprise anyone in the least that I included an outside llnebacker on this list. After all, I wrote in a previous article that the Rams' overall linebacking play was one of the Rams' weakest points against the Seattle Seahawks.

The weakest link in the Rams linebacker room in Week 1 goes by the name of Christian Rozeboom. He struggled in his first NFL start for the LA Rams, and those struggles were on full display as he posted a PFF grade in the bottom three on the entire Rams roster (31.8).

Throughout his Week one against the Seahawks, he seemed to hesitate, both in closing in on runners and in pass coverage. This was not the first time he has struggled, as he has had issues in previous years as well.

Veteran linebacker Anthony Barr would be an immediate upgrade at the position for the LA Rams. Not only would the four-time Pro Bowler make an immediate impact, but he just makes sense. Barr is a versatile NFL linebacker who stands 6-foot-5 and weighs 257 pounds. At that size, he can line up at any of four linebacking positions in the Rams base 3-4 defense, and his size gives him the edge at shedding blockers, tackling runners, and getting after the quarterback.

Barr is a Los Angeles, California native and he played college at UCLA. His interest in living close to home might be a selling point in and of itself. The former top-10 pick has logged 144 pressures, 20 sacks, 91 hurries, 422 tackles, 5 interceptions, and 8 forced fumbles in his career.