2 open roster slots means that the LA Rams will sign . . .

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Robert Quinn
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Option I: Edge Robert Quinn

It's time to reunite with a good one.

Alright, Rams fans, I saved the best for last. This man needs no introductions and he has been a force on every team he has played with, including formerly starring for the Saint Louis Rams.

It's time to welcome back DE/OLB Robert Quinn ladies and gentlemen. Can you imagine the damage he would cause alongside defensive tackle Aaron Donald, his former teammate? They would be a dynamic duo on the line that would be fun to watch for Rams fans and not so fun to watch for the opposing team's fans.

After reviewing the Week 1 match up against the Seattle Seahawks, it seemed to me that the Rams' edge rushers were by far the weakest unit. Like everyone else, I was distracted by the pressure they put on QB Geno Smith in the second half, but what I failed to realize at the time is that pressure was a result of the Seahawks losing their two starting tackles to injury.

Rookie outside linebacker Byron Young was by far the best edge the Rams have on their roster. But both Zach VanValkenburg, a pre-season standout, and veteran outside linebacker Michael Hoecht, severely underperformed in Week 1, posting the two lowest PFF grades on the team, 26.0 and 31.0 respectively.

Adding Robert Quinn to the Rams defensive front could change all that and make an immediate impact working with rookie Byron Young and Aaron Donald. Robert Quinn is an all-pro and pro-bowler with quite a resume: 502 pressures, 105 sacks, 298 hurries, 211 tackles, 235 stops, 109 tackles for loss, 178 QB hits, 32 forced fumbles, and 1 TD. Wow what a career.

Four options for two open roster slots. Let's hope that the Rams front office acts quickly.