2 Rams projected starters race to recover, but how ready are their backups?

With the Rams roster relying on two players to recover from serious injuries and start this season, we have to wonder how prepared are their backups?
Los Angeles Rams OTA Offseason Workout, Tre'Davious White
Los Angeles Rams OTA Offseason Workout, Tre'Davious White / Ric Tapia/GettyImages
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The LA Rams certainly do not wilt or shy away from taking chances. After all, the team has managed to beat the field in terms of getting better faster than almost every other NFL team. But the rewards do not come without risks. Risks come in many forms. It's risky to trade up for a rookie prospect, in the belief that pairing him up with his college teammate can elevate and amplify the NFL careers of both players.

It's risky to sign out-of-favor NFL veteran quarterbacks, in the hope that competition tightens sinews and sharpens discernment to optimal levels if given the chance to command an NFL offense once again.

It's risky to trade future draft picks for plug and play elite veterans who already know their worth, and will demand a lucrative salary to perform at that elite level.

Finally, there is a risk in betting on a former NFL All-Pro veteran whose career has been taken to the brink of disaster by a serious injury or injuries. Bets that mean payment for past production, in the hope and belief that current production will surpass those historic numbers. Right now, the team has bet on the recovery of former All-Pro defensive back Tre'Davious White.

So far, the reports over Tre'Davious White's road to recovery is going very well:

That is great news, for now. But eventually, cleats will take the football field, and we will all see whether or not the effort resulted in restoring the former All-Pro to his lofty self. If that happens, this Rams secondary appears to among the best in the league. But what about a Plan B?

And while we are on the topic, can the Rams count on TE Tyler Higbee to come roaring back to full health this season? We all witnessed the injury in horror. Can he somehow climb the steep slope to recovery in time to compete as a starter in 2024?

Let's jump right into the LA Rams secondary strategy: