2024 NFL Scouting Combine Day: LA Rams Group I cheat sheet

NFL Combine, LA Rams GM Les Snead
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Group I: Defensive linemen

For argument's sake, we had already done some prep work to ensure that readers had a small sampling of prospects to monitor throughout the 2024 NFL Scouting Combine. Of our initial sampling, we identified three prospects who we expect to be selected on each draft day respectively. They are:

Defensive linemen

  • Day 1 - Jer'Zhan Newton, DL, Illinois
  • Day 2 - Byron Murphy, DL, Texas
  • Day 3 - Logan Lee, DL, Iowa

For a full breakdown of the players listed above, we recommend that you CLICK HERE and check out their quick profiles to get a feel for players who we believe may be in the team's crosshairs. But these were never intended to be a full listing of prospects who the Rams may be seeking to select. This was merely a sampling.

Key factors in assessing success for NFL defensive linemen to keep an eye out for is power and agility. Straight line speed is not really a key prerequisite for this group, but power and burst, combined with strong lateral agility, balance and size are often keys to improving players' chances of being selected in the upcoming draft.

Small school players to keep an eye out for

This may be the first chance that many fans get to see players from small schools for the first time. Here are some you may want to keep on your radar:

  • Nelson Ceaser, Houston - A 6-foot-3, 250-pound edge rusher who has the versatility to play all four linebacker positions in a 3-4 front. He has tremendous bend, using that to his advantage to make hairpin turns at the corner. He also has impressive power that allows him to opt for a bull rush. Projected as high as Day 2
  • Jalyx Hunt, Houston Christian - A 6-foot-4, 240-pound edge rusher who offers a unique combination of edge rusher or safety combination. Has that ever been seen in the NFL before? He is a bit raw for the position, but he has the size and flashes the brilliance that could make him quite popular. The Rams could be an ideal landing spot for a DB/Edge prospect. Best of all? He is Projected as a Day 3 prospect
  • Brennan Jackson, Washington State - A 6-foot-4 265-pound defensive end whose greatest attribute is effort. He is a rare combination of physical presence with headsy play that leaves few errors in post-game analysis. He is superb at run defense, and will need more coaching to become as proficient in his pass rush. He does offer the versatility to stunt inside, which could intrigue the Rams coaching staff. Projected as a Day 3 prospect
  • Eyabi Okie-Anoma, Charlotte - A 6-foot-3, 253-pound edge rusher, Eyabi Okie-Anoma is a small school pass rusher who exhibits just enough flash for the role to pique NFL interest. He has his best performances when he stunts and takes on interior offensive linemen, and he has surprisingly effective power when doing so. He also has a good understanding of pass coverage, and can cover plenty of territory when dropping back. He is simply raw, and that will drop him. Projected as a Priority Undrafted Free Agent signing
  • Javon Solomon, Troy - A 6-foot-0 247-pound outside linebacker whose production defies the fact that he may be viewed as undersized to be effective in the NFL. Because of his size, all eyes will train on him to assess his true strength, as his size will trigger concerns about his durability. His on-field production is impressive, as his natural low center-of-gravity is amplified by surprising quickness, making his awfully difficult to ride around the arc. Despite his smallish size, he is better than expected against the run. Projected as an early Day 3 prospect
  • David Ugwoegbu, Houston - A 6-foot-3 253-pound outside linebacker who played the edge for Houston. He has sideline to sideline range, and has the burst to be a solid pass rushing threat off the edge, as well as a gap-stuffer if moved to an inside linebacker position. He is excellent in zone coverage as well, and his build instantly remind fans of throwback tough-as-nails inside linebackers of yesteryear. Projected as a Priority Undrafted Free Agent signing.
  • Eric Watts, Connecticut - A 6-foot-5 277-pound mountain of a defensive end, Eric Watts should have no trouble holding his own at outside linebacker or any of the three defensive line positions on the defensive front. But he is more of a lump of clay to be formed into a true NFL pass rusher than a finished edge statue. His heart is in the right place, as he plays with great energy and passion. He simply has not learned enough moves and counter moves to be effective consistently. Projected as a late Day 3 prospect.

Of course, there are many more prospects to consider, but you likely have plenty of resources at your disposal to research those at your own leisure. The above list is merely to place some names on your radar scope that may not otherwise get your attention.