2024 NFL Scouting Combine Day: LA Rams Group I cheat sheet

NFL Combine, LA Rams GM Les Snead
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Group I: Linebackers

When considering the linebacker position, keep in mind that outside linebackers can be viewed as a tweener, with some being represented as defensive ends/outside linebackers, while others are simply represented as outside linebackers. Just as with defensive linemen previously, we wanted to prime the pump for readers by suggesting three linebackers who could be targeted by the Rams front office in the 2024 NFL Draft. They are:


  • Day 1 - Laiatu Latu, Edge, UCLA
  • Day 2 - Zion Tupuola-Fetui, EDGE, Washington
  • Day 3 - Curtis Jacobs, LB, Penn State

To read up on our quick draft analysis of the above players, you can CLICK HERE. But this is merely intended to be a sampling of prospects who may intright the front office on each of three draft days. Because outside linebackers play such a vital role in a 3-4 defense, they are often expected to test highly in all athletic events in an NFL Scouting Combine.

Small school players to keep an eye out for

  • Aaron Casey, Indiana - While Indiana is not typically considered a small school, they are not exactly an epicenter of NFL prospects either. But 6-foot-2 235-pound linebacker Aaron Casey may be the exception to the rule. Emerging from a 4-3 Will role, he has enough versatility to project either as a 3-4 outside linebacker or inside linebacker. He has a solid track record of covering RBs and tight ends in the flat, and has plenty of oomph when meeting ball carries in the land. Projected as a Priority Undrafted Free Agent signing
  • Easton Gibbs, Wyoming - A 6-foot-0, 230-pound interior linebacker who has everything to gain with a solid showing in the 2024 NFL Scouting Combine. He had an impressive showing in the annual East-West Shrine game, which put his name on the map for many NFL fans. He has plenty of production, a solid check of the box. He could be a player who draws interest for special team potential as well as linebacker depth. While he could fill multiple roles, he is currently Projected as a Priority Undrafted Free Agent signing.
  • Jontrey Hunter, Georgia State - A 6-foot-2 240-pound S/LB hybrid, Jontrey Hunter is an exciting prospect to consider adding to any NFL defense. While he has the background to compete at two different posiitions, it's worth noting that Hunter is competing with Group I as a linebacker. Because he has such strong coverage experience, he could be an ideal prospect to add to this defense if for no other reason than as an option for sub nickel and dime packages. He is a natural pass defender, and the Rams need those. Projected as a Priority Undrafted Free Agent signing.
  • Tyrice Knight, UTEP - A 6-foot-0 235-pound interior linebacker, Tyrice Knight is a player who is easy to locate on the football field simply due to his every-present physicality. He is a tackling machine, and takes great pride in that. He loves to initiate a hard-impact thud that stops ball carriers in their tracks, and as long as he connects, he is deadly. But his aggression can sometimes take him out of the play as well. He is a free-spirited defender who loves to make plays, but oftentimes leading to a feast or famine outcome. He does make an incredibly intriguing prospect in special team coverage units. Projected as a Late Day 3 Prospect.

We plan to provide a recap of each day's athletic events to help you stay abreast of the day's movers/shakers. And each morning, we plan to provide you a new cheat sheet for that day's group workouts. This is an exciting week. Stay tuned . . .

And as always, thank you for reading.