2024 Rams mock draft: Rams land elite CB and 2 vets in first mock of 2024

Les Snead, Los Angeles Rams
Les Snead, Los Angeles Rams / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages
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Round 6: Part I - Smooth as butter ILB

With the 190th overall pick, the LA Rams select LB Ben Bywater, BYU. With the Rams defense leaning more heavily on LB Ernest Jones IV to blitz and apply pressure on opposing quarterbacks, the Rams' defense needs a complementary linebacker who can line up for the Rams' defense to cover over the middle while still maintaining a physical presence to effectively stop running backs. Bywater is that type of player.

Standing 6-foot-3 and weighing 235 pounds, the Rams will be happy to return to BYU for another rookie prospect. Bywater 'feels' like a superb complement to the Rams' defense. While Ernest Jones is the hammer, a linebacker who is a powerful meet-and-drop type of tackler, Bywater is smooth as butter, sliding laterally to ensure full coverage of the middle of the field.

Because he is mobile, he makes a perfect option to blitz the A-Gap, and free up Jones to handle the chore of dropping RBs who invade his area. With two linebackers who can blitz, offenses will be forced to avoid empty backfield sets, and call fewer deep routes.

Bywater relies upon dragging a ball carrier and getting help to make a tackle. That will need to be improved quickly if he is to make an impact in the NFL. But he is smart, big, strong, and agile. That warrants a shot at the NFL in Round 6.

A developmental offensive tackle

With the 211th overall pick, the LA Rams select OT Roger Rosengarten, Washington. The LA Rams may not have an immediate need for reinforcements on the offensive line, but it would be foolish to pass up a young offensive tackle who has the potential to develop into a respectable NFL starter someday.

While some believe the Rams should draft offensive linemen in 2024, I don't believe that the LA Rams view their roster with any deficiencies for the upcoming season, at least not in terms of immediate help from the draft. Washington's Roger Rosengarten is a huge and solid offensive tackle, standing 6-foot-6 and weighing 300 pounds. He is a big and snarly offensive tackle who loves to block, and loves to pancake defenders.

Surprisingly, his 6-foot-6 300-pound frame needs more work in the weight room. He loves to manhandle defenders, an option that will become very difficult in the NFL until he adds more muscle mass. He has solid footwork, but with more power his production and effectiveness will improve substantially.