3 big-name free agent quarterbacks Rams can still sign

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This 11 year veteran QB could be a great option

The career of former Miami Dolphins, former Tennessee Titans starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill is People's Exhibit number one in the argument that even very talented players need the right coaching staff and the right scheme to succeed in the NFL. Tannehill played six seasons for the Miami Dolphins, and just five seasons for the Tennessee Titans. But when you think of Tannehill, I'll bet that you remember him as the Titans quarterback.

And it makes sense, as Tannehill struggled to lead the Dolphins over the .500 mark, while he never seemed to struggle to do so in the Titans' offense.

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Tannehill is a 35-year-old veteran who stands 6-foot-4 and weighs 217 pounds. Over the course of his NFL career he has completed 64.3 percent of his passes, thrown for 34,881 yards, 216 touchdowns, and just 115 interceptions. Ideally, Tannehill is perfect to mentor a young rookie quarterback for an NFL team, and even to start the early part of the season while that rookie acclimates to the speed, physicality, and complexity of an entirely new brand of football.

But he is a tall pocket passer who can throw endzone to endzone passes, make progression reads, and even give his team a chance at a fourth-quarter comeback drive. With the LA Rams newly constructed offensive line, Tannehill's biggest weakness, needing a formidable rushing attack, is no longer a problem.

Truth be told, the Rams free agency efforts so far have made this team an ideal offense for Ryan Tannehill to co-pilot. I don't think that he will do so, but the fit is there.