3 cap casualties who make too much sense to add to Rams roster

Les Snead, Los Angeles Rams
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Option III: Refurbish a formal SB QBs career?

There is a great deal of intrigue surrounding the LA Rams, and how this team may plan to address the absence of a bona fide backup quarterback. Will the team draft a quarterback? Will this team consider trading for a quarterback? Or will the team be able to re-sign last year's backup quarterback Carson Wentz?

In the absence of concrete information, we are permitted to think a bit outside of the box and consider some less obvious solutions to the team's need for a second quarterback. If he is willing to do so, here is why the LA Rams should consider signing veteran starter Russell Wilson. a player who was just released without fanfare from the Denver Broncos:

It cannot be denied that the LA Rams have become an NFL version of a halfway house for tarnished quarterbacks. The team helped to rejuvenate the career of QB Baker Mayfield, has likely elevated the career of QB Carson Wentz, and can now offer the same bit or restoration and reclamation to the fading star who once led the Seattle Seahawks to a Super Bowl victory.

Like the two previous quarterback projects, Wilson is simply a solid quarterback who ran into tough times by landing on a team that was not an ideal fit (having traded so many weapons away) and then playing for a head coach who demanded 'My way or the highway,' from his quarterback. That isn't exactly an ideal situation for any veteran quarterback.

While being a backup may not be the optimal role that Wilson wants, just by 'being' on the team will have restore the luster to his NFL reputation. Every team wants to poach and graft a member of this team's offense, and Wilson will bring his own offensive knowledge plus the offensive diploma as a quarterback for Coach Sean McVay.

So why would the Rams want to do this? Well, beyond the obvious nature of getting a top-tier quarterback at the nadir of his NFL career, and at no risk to any potential comp pick awards, Wilson can sign for cheap. You see, the Denver Broncos remain on the hook for Wilson's salary by way of guarantees for up to $39 million in 2024. Whatever the Rams pay him merely offsets Wilson's amount due from the Broncos. So the Rams can offer Wilson a minimal $1 million to play in horns, which keeps the Broncos on the hook for the other $38 million.

Russell Wilson thereby can play for $4 million less than New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson, is far and above more proven, continues to pass for significant yards, and has an incredible touchdown to interception ratio. And the Rams have proven that quarterbacks who play for one season on this roster, even as a backup, return to NFL teams' radar scopes.

Now speaking of embracing a former foe . . .