3 cheap safeties the Rams could sign to replace Jordan Fuller

Jordan Fuller, Los Angeles Rams
Jordan Fuller, Los Angeles Rams / Ryan Kang/GettyImages
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DB Nick Scott

Two players who will be loved more by LA Rams fans than by the fanbase of any other NFL team are QB Carson Wentz and DB Nick Scott. Wentz because he led the Rams junior varsity squad to victory over the varsity squad of the San Francisco 49ers in Week 18 in 2023, snapping an 0 for forever regular season losing streak.

But an even more memorable play was that of DB Nick Scott, whose bone-jarring legal hit on San Francisco 49ers WR/RB Deebo Samuel forced an incompletion. The hit was so stunning that Samuel never really was a factor for the 49ers for the rest of the NFC Championship Game.

On that day, with that play, Nick Scott became a legend for Rams fans:

He is a hard-hitting free safety who can make big plays in big games. But his pass defense is vulnerable. He allowed 79.3 percent of passes thrown his way to find their mark in 2022. He also allowed four touchdowns that year, the only season he has allowed any scores.

The problem in 2022 is that he paired up with Taylor Rapp, who was even less formidable in pass coverage. And so, Scott signed on with the Cincinnati Bengals in 2023. He played 571 defensive snaps for the Bengals, and started 10 games. But he is back to the NFL Free Agency market now.

I would love to see Nick Scott back in Horns. I believe that his 2022 season was an aberration, a perfect storm of bad factors that led to him trying to cover passes with Rapp. He excelled in the 2022 NFL Playoffs because he was paired up with a much better defensive back in coverage in the form of Eric Weddle

I believe that the Rams could sign Nick Scott on a one-year deal for less than $2 million. That is a huge bargain, especially to re-sign one of the team's heroes enroute to Super Bowl LVI.