3 clear reasons why Matthew Stafford can win the NFL MVP award in 2024 season

He can do it!
NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams v Detroit Lions
NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams v Detroit Lions / Ryan Kang/GettyImages
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3. Puka Nacua, Kyren Williams, Cooper Kupp, and the offensive line

The Los Angeles Rams have studs littered on offense. Kyren Williams broke out in 2023 and could play even better in 2024. Heck, he played in just 12 games in 2023, so enjoying better health would only help the offense. Puka Nacua is pretty self-explanatory. He was a top-10 wide receiver in 2023 and has all the reason to take a huge step forward in 2024.

With Matthew Stafford having a great relationship with his best wide receivers (see Cooper Kupp and Calvin Johnson) he may want to almost force the issue with Nacua. And then you have the savvy veteran in Kupp who appears to be a shell of his former self. But if we're being honest, he's still Cooper Kupp, and his route-running and overall intelligence haven't gone anywhere, so he'll still be a plus on the field.

The investment along the offensive line is huge as well. With Alaric Jackson likely settling into the LT role, coupled with the free agent signing of Jonah Jackson, and a potential second-year leap from Steve Avila, the Rams OL might quickly turn into one of the best pass-blocking units in the NFL.

This would keep Stafford upright and would give him more time to carve up opposing defenses, which would only enhance his chances at winning the coveted NFL MVP award.