3 former Rams players who failed with their new team in 2023

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Perhaps one of the most difficult things for an NFL team fan to do is to waive farewell to a former player who has been traded, released, or simply signed to a new team after their contract has expired. It's a flip-flop of allegiances, an ally suddenly becomes the enemy. That passion and respect for a player who competed for, and aided, the success of the LA Rams, is now using those same talents and competitive spirit to aide a different team.

Sometimes it feels like being a child at the mercy of divorcing parents.

And yet, while never intended to be mean-spirited, there is an emotion that is sandwiched between relief and smug satisfaction when a player who was instrumental at helping the Rams to find success is unsuccessful in his attempt to replicate that same level of success with their next teams.

It's never about wishing an ill-fated future on anyone. Rather, it's a bit of wishing an opposing team to struggle, which bleeds into an individual player's destiny. While that may not suit everyone, it's the nature of competition. After all, for a competitor to finish first, another must finish second, or even more obviously, another must finish last.

Competition is never easy

But isn't that the very nature of competition? It's not just a battle for supremacy over others. Ultimately, it's the battle of supremacy over oneself. And there are no guarantees. Former Rams DL Coach Eric Henderson is so charismatic and effective with his players because he does not promise anyone the moon. Instead, he teaches them the #DAWGWORK mantra, opens the door of opportunity for them, shows them the gauntlet of hard work, and lets them find their way, offering guidance and encouragement along the way.

It's that Eye of the Tiger mindset that results in winners, and losers, in any professional or amateur competitive sport. So which of the Rams' former players struggled the most in 2023? Here are our nominations for the Top-3 players:

3 former Rams players who failed with their new team in 2023

  1. III: Edge Rusher
  2. II: An out-of-favor receiver
  3. I: Feature running back