3 former Rams players who failed with their new team in 2023

Los Angeles Rams Offseason Workout
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I: Feature running back

When the Minnesota VIkings were willing to trade for LA Rams' disgruntled featured running back Cam Akers, they were not willing to do so without significant contractual protections. While Akers continued to flash very productive games as the Rams featured running back, even after a serious Achilles Tendon injury, he was a rather animated runner for the team.

Animated in the sense that he reportedly had a dispute in 2022 that benched him for weeks as the team tried to find a willing trade partner to take him off their hands, and again in 2023, after just one week of work. It was the second flare up that prompted the Rams to pull the trigger, sending Akers to the Vikings for a heavily conditioned future draft pick.

The condition was that Akers needed to generate 500 combined yards from the line of scrimmage (rushing and receiving) in 2023 in order for the draft pick to take effect. In six games in the Vikings offense, Akers rushed for 138 yards, and caught 11 passes for another 70 yards. His 208 yards of total offense fell far short of 500 combined yards threshold.

As a result, the Rams get nothing for Akers whatsoever.

Cam Akers is a Restricted Free Agent for the Minnesota VIkings this offseason. While there is little reason for the VIkings to extend a Qualifying Tender Offer to retain Akers, he could be extended with a minimal veteran offer. There is almost no market for Akers, so there is no expectation that the Vikings will not be able to extend him if they so desire.

Akers has upside. But his 2023 season's performance illustrated why the Rams were so willing to let him go.