3 key picks Rams must monitor in Round 1 of 2024 NFL Draft

2024 NFL Draft
2024 NFL Draft / Mark Cunningham/GettyImages

The LA Rams hold the 19th overall pick of the 2024 NFL Draft. The simple truth is that 18 rookie prospects will be selected before the Rams step up to the podium. But it's never that simple, is it? While we can almost guarantee that the first overall pick of the Chicago Bears will name USC quarterback Caleb Williams, it won't take long before the drama settles in.

Drama as in the anticipation of not knowing what might take place during the draft as events unfold. Will trades occur? If so, when? We already know that four NFL teams, including the LA Rams, are rumored to be seeking landing spots to trade up. But to do so, they must find a trading partner in the draft willing to trade down as well.

There are some teams in Round 1 of the 2024 NFL Draft that have several worthwhile options in the draft. And depending upon which option they choose, could either make it easier or harder for the LA Rams with the 19th overall selection of this draft.

Pick 3 for New England Patriots

The first mile marker in Round 1 is the third overall pick that is possessed by the New England Patriots. While the belief is that they will use the pick on a quarterback to lead their offense, they have a great deal of leverage at the third overall spot. What if they do have operators standing by? Perhaps the Minnesota Vikings, a quarterback needy team with two first round picks, could package picks to trade up with the Patriots there.

That would give the Patriots two picks in Round 1 to use, filling needs at QB and at offensive line, albeit with later selected prospects. But it would consolidate the needs of the VIkings into one selection in Round 1, and force them to wait until Round 4 to address needs like wide receiver and defensive line.

Pick 9 for Chicago Bears

While the Chicago Bears possess two of this draft's Top 10 picks, they only have four picks in the entire overall draft. If they do add USC QB Caleb Williams (and all signs suggest that they will), do they stick at the ninth overall pick to add a rookie wide receiver to the offensive arsenal? Will the Bears opti for a physical blind side left tackle to protect Williams going forward? Or do the Bears listen to offers to trade back and in return add additional picks.

It's that trade back scenario that could spell trouble for the Rams. The best players on the board here are overwhelming the upper fringe to the prospects that the Rams hope may fall to them. Will the Rams react and risk overpaying to ensure that they get 'their guy' in Round 1? Or do the Rams sit tight and hope that a coveted player falls to them at 19?

Pick 16 for Seattle Seahawks

The riskiest pick of Round 1 of the 2024 NFL Draft to the well-laid plans of GM Les Snead is that of the Seattle Seahawks at the 16th overall pick. You know full well that the Seahawks not only want to better their team, but would love to throw a monkey wrench into the draft plans of the LA Rams in Round 1.

The Seahawks want to get stronger on the offensive line and bolster the back end of their defense. But if they have any inklings that the Rams have a legitimate interest in a player who falls to them at the 16th overall pick, you can bet that they will think long and hard about selecting that player. Some believe that it was the Seahawks' selection of WR D'Wayne Eskridge with the 51st pick in the 2021 NFL Draft that forced the Rams to scramble and select WR Tutu Atwell with the 52nd pick of that draft.

True or not, the Seahawks would love to disrupt the Rams draft on Day 1 this year. As such, the team needs to monitor which way they go with the 16th overall pick.

This will be an exciting nail-biter everyone. Remember to enjoy the entertainment value of the night, and hold off on any reactions until after the dust settles.

And as always, thanks for reading.