3 LA Rams gambles in 2023 that hit the jackpot

Los Angeles Rams Les Snead
Los Angeles Rams Les Snead / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages
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There should be plenty to learn from the LA Rams front office's approach to attacking the 2023 NFL season. After all, a 5-12 record in 2022, fraught with injuries, a salary cap situation that was teetering on complete chaos, aging veterans, and still no first-round draft pick is certainly not a scenario that I would recommend to any NFL team hoping to turn the ship around.

And yet, the LA Rams managed to achieve the unthinkable. Despite few dollars to spend, no draft picks in Round 1, coaches and players that no longer enjoyed the game that they once loved with a passion, and a roster that was depleted, the Rams found a way to turn the beat around.

Of course, LA Rams fans realize by now that nothing is beyond the capability of Rams GM Les Snead. As long as the Rams focus and clearly define the objectives, Snead and the Rams personnel department have a track record that is pretty impressive. Whether the ability is from a resounding and unparalleled command of data analytics and the technology that is needed to drive massive number crunching, or simply the mysticism of shamans who use clairvoyance to anticipate solutions, the Rams always seem to find the right answer.

But turning the 2022 version of the LA Rams into the 2023 version of the LA Rams required more than data analytics or mysticism. The Rams fundamentally metamorphosed from a team that was constricted by many causes into a fresh and exciting new team, much like a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly.

The Rams front office did not simply upgrade the roster. Rams GM Les Snead, by all accounts and purposes, shocked the Rams irregular heartbeat back to a loud and strong rhythm that has renewed the team and coaches, affording the team a new chance at something special.

So how did the Rams do it? Well, riverboat gambler Les Snead did what he has done so often in the past. He bet wagers on some huge gambles, and hit the trifecta.