3 LA Rams gambles in 2023 that hit the jackpot

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I: Rams went All-In on the 2023 NFL Draft

By the time that the LA Rams 2023 NFL Draft selections were in the history books, the Rams had selected 14 rookies. That is a huge rookie class, and was just one shy of the Minnesota Vikings 2020 NFL Draft of 15 rookies. The unusual thing about the 2023 NFL Draft for the LA Rams is the fact that the team enjoyed an early pick in Round 2, 36th overall, as well as three picks on Day 2.

Was the Rams success in the 2023 NFL Draft due to the preparation involved in the days leading up to that draft? Was it the fact that the Rams roster was so full of holes that the Rams could deploy a 'Best Player Available' strategy, and remain comfortable with the results because the Rams needed help everywhere? Or was the success of the Rams rookie class of 2023 tied to the fact that the Rams could not let them fail, and restocked the entire coaching staff to optimize the Rams youth movement this past season?

Whatever the cause or causes, it was clear from the get-go that the Rams front office were not about to look past the 2023 NFL Draft. While the 2023 NFL Draft did align nicely with the most glaring needs of the Rams roster, the team did not take an autobot strategy of selecting the highest graded rookie prospect at the positions of need.

Rather, the Rams proved repeatedly that they have done their homework, and were willing to select those prospects with lesser grades at key positions if those players sufficient talent to compete in the NFL, but possessed an extremely high passion for the game.

The Rams front office could not afford to swing and miss in the 2023 NFL Draft, and didn't. The Rams emerged from the 2023 NFL Draft with incredibly talented rookies, and may eventually boast more than eight starters from that rookie class. Can the Rams repeat that level of success in the 2024 NFL Draft? That appears to be the plan.