3 Los Angeles Rams games in 2024 NFL season that fans must see to believe

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams, Sean McVay
NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams, Sean McVay / Ryan Kang/GettyImages

We are only one day away from the 2024 NFL schedule being released, and LA Rams fans are eager to see how their team's schedule will look. All teams know who their opponents will be at home and on the road, but soon, we will see the complete layout of times and specific weeks of games.

There are many games that Rams fans should be excited about. Whether it's division rivals like the Seattle Seahawks or seeing familiar faces such as DB Jalen Ramsey and WR Odell Beckman Jr. of the Miami Dolphins, fans will be more interested in some games than others. But of the 17 possibilities, some games are far more compelling than others.

There are grudge matches, rookie quarterbacks, playoff implications, and lots more up for grabs this season. So what makes the most compelling games to reach the level of 'must-see TV?'

It's the unique drama that those games offer. Whether it is the first time two teams meet after a thrilling 2023 contest, the first time the Rams face meet a future NFL start, or simply two evenly matched teams that have beaten each other's brains out in the past, these games offer peak entertainment value.

So, let's talk about the three games fans should be most excited to see.

Los Angeles Rams at Detroit Lions

A rematch from the Wildcard round from last season is definitely something that will intrigue many people. The Rams lost a heartbreaker by a score of 24-23 last season, which led to a Lions run to the NFC Championship game. The Lions are one of the most exciting teams to many people, and they are sure to have a lot of primetime and key matchups this season.

The most interesting aspect of this matchup is Rams QB Matthew Stafford returning to Ford Field for just the second time since the blockbuster trade back in 2021. Stafford did not receive a warm welcome on the night of the playoff game, receive the returning so it will be interesting to see if he gets that welcome-back ovation and tribute video or if he remains a villain in the Detriot Faithful's eyes.

Los Angeles Rams at Chicago Bears

Anytime a team goes up against the number one overall draft pick in the previous draft there will be sure to be a lot of eyes on the game. Bears rookie QB Caleb Williams is one of the most anticipated prospects and debuts in recent memory so Rams fans seeing him in action at the pro level will exciting.

The Bears have also made many moves to bluster their team, such as acquiring star WR Kennan Allen and drafting college star Rome Odunze, amongst other acquisitions. This is a match-up that Rams fans should want to see early in the season, as the city of Chicago will be much warmer in the first half of the season rather than the second half. For that reason, keep an eye out for when the New England Patriots and the New York Jets game are as well.

San Francisco 49ers at Los Angeles Rams

The always anticipated 49ers match up is a game always circled on the calendar. These division foes always have intense games and with both teams expected to be good this season these games will be pivotal as far as the division race goes.

With the Seattle Seahawks taking a step back last season and the Arizona Cardinals rebuilding this division, it will come down to the Rams and 49ers. These two games against the 49ers will be very anticipated, and hopefully, the Rams can go on a winning streak against them like the 49ers had done the last couple of seasons until Week 18 last season when the Rams finally won when both teams rested most of their starters.