3 New Year Resolutions from LA Rams latest win to fix in 2024

New Orleans Saints v Los Angeles Rams, Sean McVay
New Orleans Saints v Los Angeles Rams, Sean McVay / Katelyn Mulcahy/GettyImages
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While it's always fun to bask in the sunshine of another LA Rams victory, the analyst in me is already hard at work dissecting the Rams game plan and performance to weed out the trouble spots in this game. With Christmas Day 2023 behind us, and the 2024 New Year's Day now firmly in the windshield, it's time to contemplate our New Years Resolutions

No NFL team is flawless. If you believe a team can be infallible, you failed to notice the scores from Week 16. While there were some games that seemed to follow the pre-game scripts, a number of teams that were favored to win did not achieve a victory. No NFL team is undefeated with two games left on the schedule in 2023.

Perhaps the Rams are a bit more error-prone, seeing as how the team invested so heavily in rookies and second-year players long before OTAs and training camp ever began. The Rams had to understand that the strategy used this year would mean a far greater number of coachable moments than in a typical season. And we were all for it then, and still are all for it.

So this is not shade thrown at a team that has managed to find success. Rather, this is more of a realistic assessment of a team that is not yet quite off the ground. With one foot still in contact with terra firma, we believe that we are not donning rose colored glasses. In fact, it's a sign of even greater respect to acknowledge the flaws and all of the team, and still cheer for the wins.

Because the LA Rams must face the resilient New York Giants (5-10) on New Years Eve, it seems to make some sense to package the Rams latest struggles into a set of New Years resolutions that the team can avoid going forward. So what have the Rams gotten wrong lately? We have three trends that need to be corrected this week.