3 New Year Resolutions from LA Rams latest win to fix in 2024

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Resolution II: Rams secondary allows another big game for opposing WR

The LA Rams secondary may be overmatched in games, simply because the Rams defensive backs are either still learning the nuances required for NFL pass coverage, or they are veterans who are still trying to find a home in an NFL secondary. Whatever the reason, the Rams defensive backs need to work as a team to stop opposing wide receivers from putting up big yards.

On some occasions, the communication and the teamwork of the LA Rams defensive backs have been up to the challenge. But in the past three games, the Rams secondary has allowed one or more receiving targets of the other team to be far too successful. In fact, since the BYE, the Rams secondary has not been able to stop the opponent's primary receiver effectively.

While opposing offenses in the modern day NFL are bound to strategize methods for freeing up a primary receiver on any given week, the Rams have simply allowed opposing offenses to find daylight through the air far too frequently. So who has done the damage? The list of receivers who led their aerial assault on the Rams in recent weeks continues to grow:




Vs Rams

YTD totals



DK Metcalf

94 Yds/ 1 TD

998 Yds/ 8 TDs



Marquise Brown

88 Yds/ 0 TDs

574 Yds/ 4 TDs



Elijah Moore

83 Yds/ 0 TDs

640 Yds / 2 TDs



Odell Beckham Jr

97 Yds/ 1 TD

532 Yds / 3 TDs



Terry McLaurin

141 Yds/ 1 TD

885 Yds / 3 TDs



Chris Olave

123 Yds / 0 TDs

1,041 Yds/ 4 TDs

I'm not asserting that the Rams defense is cooked. For the most part, the Rams had made it a point to shut down the opponent's ability to run with the football, and that has been rather successful. Also, we are not considering the fact that the Rams have made it quite difficult to connect to the receivers at times. The Arizona Cardinals only connected with Marquise Brown on six of 12 passes. The Cleveland Browns were only able to connect on four of 12 passes to Elijah Moore.

But from a tree-top panoramic perspective, it's quite clear that the receivers who found success against the Rams secondary were far morse successful than their 15 game YTD average. And in some cases, it was the opposing team's third receiver option who as the most productive against the Rams.

Good teams notice these chinks in the Rams defensive armor, and will know how to take full advantage of them. the Rams must find ways to improve their coverage, and quickly.