3 overrated free agents the Rams were wise to avoid

Les Snead, Los Angeles Rams
Les Snead, Los Angeles Rams / Ric Tapia/GettyImages
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The LA Rams have enthusiastically jumped into the 2024 NFL Free Agency market for 2024. That's quite the switch from 2023, when the team were not only content not to sign players, but actually shed players through trades or outright release. It was a different time then. The front office had recognized the futility of kicking the salary cap costs down the road any further with a team that even 100 percent healthy had grown brittle and predictable.

The Rams roster needed new growth, and the team set about plowing the roster to make room for a new crop of rookie players. Those young players turned this team's 8-18 run around at the Week 10 BYE, and finished out the 2023 NFL season with an incredible 7-1 run that propelled the Rams into the Wild Card Round of the 2024 NFL Playoffs.

Now the team seeks to replant veterans to the team to help carry them back to and through the NFL playoffs. But even as the front office put the pedal to the metal once more, they managed to avoid some thirst traps that could have, would have derailed the opportunity to rise once more. Like who?

Even as the team reentered the annual NFL Free Agency market with a passion and fury seldom seen before, there are still rules to NFL economics that must be adhered to. Forging a team is no easy task, as each player must be signed and added with precise care, much like the gossamer strand of a spider's web. Overpay and the roster spirals with too little depth. Fail to acquire the right player, and the roster wobbles due to imbalance.

Creating a championship roster means first creating a championship culture. That type of culture is not compatible with ego-centric players. They cannot view monetary gain as their only motivation. Mercenaries only, they pull up when deciding risk vs. reward moments throughout the course of a single game. Champions leave it all on the football field.

The Rams wisely avoided acquiring these players: