3 prospects the Rams can draft to make S Kamren Curl's life easier

2023 NFL Draft - LA Rams
2023 NFL Draft - LA Rams / David Eulitt/GettyImages
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It's tough not to feel excitement when reading about the LA Rams' latest free-agency signing, safety Kamren Curl. The new addition to the Rams' secondary plays with a passion that rivals that of nose tackle Kobie Turner. If his on-field production is anywhere as close to what I've found in researching the young wrecking ball, he will be a tremendous boost. The team has found a rare player who combines the best of former safety Nick Scott with outbound veteran safety John Johnson III.

That is a wonderful thing, if true.

Still, that is a huge yolk to place on his shoulders. After all, he will be fresh off the plane in 2024. And as if the Rams roster is not already a hotbed of competition. Despite losing starting safety Jordan Fuller, and looking very much like losing his teammates in safety John Johnson III and cornerback Ahkello Witherspoon, the Rams are returning safeties Russ Yeast and Quentin Lake, in addition to DBs Cobie Turner, Derion Kendrick, Jason Taylor II, and Tre Tomlinson. To that group, the team has added starting DB Darious Williams from the 2024 NFL Free Agency market.

But like any jigsaw puzzle, completing a section of the puzzle is only the beginning. Now the team must complete the image by filling in the rest. That begs the question, what else is needed for this defense?

That could be either a simple or a rather complex answer, and it depends on your personal preferences, and how the 2024 NFL Draft might fall. If the right players are available for the team in the right order, this could be one of the best drafts in the LA Rams' history. The thing is, we won't know just how superb this draft class is until well into the 2024 NFL season

Too few celebrated the outcome of the 2023 NFL Draft, and yet the players were very talented. But they were passionate, and the team has the foresight to place them into roles that harmonized with their strengths. Who might join the team in 2024, and find equally ideal roles with this team? We can think of three right off the tops of our heads:

3 prospects the Rams can draft to make S Kamren Curl's life easier

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