3 prospects the Rams can draft to make S Kamren Curl's life easier

2023 NFL Draft - LA Rams
2023 NFL Draft - LA Rams / David Eulitt/GettyImages
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Safety dance

Perhaps the most important complement to the role that Kamren Curl brings to the Rams secondary is the ability of his teammate to provide very good to elite pass coverage from the other safety position. While I'm not suggesting that Curl cannot do so, we know from the pairing of Taylor Rapp and Nick Scott on the back end of the defense did not work out well.

DB Cole Bishop seems to bring the yang to Kamren Curl's yin. Standing 6-foot-2 and weighing 206 pounds, this former Utah Utes defensive back is certainly big and physical enough to be Kamren Curl's wingman.

Because he practiced against former teammate tight-end Dalton Kincaid, Bishop has no shortage of skills or confidence when asked to provide pass coverage. Bishop's confidence is just the first step toward success at the NFL level. Believing in oneself is first. Demonstrating the ability to do so is next. Bishop should score high marks in that category as well.

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Of course, all of that does little for the defense if offenses can scheme to isolate Curl in coverage and force Bishop to be the in-the-box run supporter. That is where Bishop will reveal his true strength, as he is a hard-hitting safety who plays the run like a linebacker. Under former DC Raheem Morris, I referred to those safeties as Super Saiyans.

Bishop has many overlapping characteristics of veteran Kamren Curl. But the differences are enough to make them ideally complementary, and very effective, in the same defensive backfield in 2024.