3 prospects the Rams can draft to make S Kamren Curl's life easier

2023 NFL Draft - LA Rams
2023 NFL Draft - LA Rams / David Eulitt/GettyImages
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The edge of tomorrow

I believe that everyone realizes that the best defense is a strong ball-controlling offense. And the best companion to a strong secondary is to have an elite pass rush. Even with the retirement of All-Pro defensive lineman Aaron Donald, I believe that the LA Rams can generate a pass rush that will land them in the NFL's Top 10 defenses (in that category) this season. And if the team can emerge from the draft with UCLA edge rusher Laiatu Latu, they will be well on their way.

Let me be quite clear on the matter, however. Rookie pass rushers are not finished products by any means. If you look at the history of the role, you will find that rookies who chase down quarterbacks may do okay in their rookie season, but make huge strides in their second season. It's that fact that compels me to believe that the tremendous success demonstrated by rookies Byron Young (OLB, 8.0 quarterback sacks) and Kobie Turner (NT, 9.0 quarterback sacks) will be dwarfed by their production in 2024.

Having said that, I believe that rookie prospect OLB Laiatu Latu can be a huge contributor to this defense too. The problem is that the secret is out, and the Rams may need to trade up to ensure that the front office can select him.

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At 6-foot-5 and 259 pounds, Latu is as much at home with one hand in the dirt as he is in a two-point stance. Already heralded as a potential rookie Pro Bowler pass rusher, draft scouts have plenty of positive praise to shower on Latu. I cannot say if the Rams will draft him, but I can tell you this. If they do, he will fit this defense like a glove.

Latu has the natural instincts to be an immediate contributor. Unlike many rookies who arrive to the NFL, Latu has solid instincts about all of his responsibilities as an outside linebacker, and performs each aspect with meticulous care. The team may not have the chance to select Latu. Buf if they do, look out.