3 Rams players who will not be missed in the 2024 season

LA's probably better off without these guys, anyway.

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams v Detroit Lions
NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams v Detroit Lions / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

All in all, the Rams' 2023 season was a good one. Widely considered to be a rebuilding year, the Rams surprised plenty of people on their way to a 10-win season that saw them finish 2nd in the NFC West.

A close road loss in their first playoff game – a Wild Card round matchup against the Detroit Lions – ended their season, but still – considering where many people projected the Rams to be, making the playoffs was no small feat. And while there will be plenty of players from the 2023 season who will be sorely missed next season (cough Aaron Donald cough), there are also at least three who will not.

Which three players from the 2023 Rams won't be missed next season? Great question! So topical! Let's take a look.

3 Rams players who will not be missed in the 2024 season

1. Carson Wentz, QB

Missed, not really remembered -- same thing.

It's hard to blame people who forgot that Wentz spent the last two months of last season in Los Angeles, backing up Matt Stafford and just generally trying to reset his career after a miserable stint with the Washington Commanders. Wentz even started a game for the Rams, going 17-24 with 163 yards, three touchdowns (two passing, one rushing), and an interception in a Week 17 road win over the 49ers, who would eventually go on to win the NFC.

That game hasn't seemed to do much for his stock though, as the former 2nd overall pick is still a free agent. He probably won't find a roster spot until much closer to August, if even then – and wherever it is, it won't be with the Rams now that Jimmy Garoppolo figures to be the backup once he returns from the two-game suspension.

But Rams fans will always have that Week 17 win.

2. Duke Shelley, CB

When he joined the Rams, Shelley was on his third team in five years. After three up-and-down seasons with the Bears and one statistically confusing season with the Vikings, Shelley found his way onto the Rams' roster and didn't do a whole bunch with it.

According to Pro Football Focus, Shelley's run defense and tackling were both way better in LA, but he was only credited for five tackles all year (eight if you go by Football Reference) so that's probably more of a sample size magic trick than anything else. His coverage results remained subpar: he allowed 103 yards on eight receptions with a passer rating of 121.

He was mostly a special teams guy, though, and there are plenty of those types of players out there as it is.

3. John Johnson, S

Johnson's unique to this list because at one point, he was actually a productive player for the Rams. From 2017-2020, Johnson had overall PFF grades above 80 three times, and it's no coincidence that the only year he didn't have a good grade was 2019, when he only played in six games. Since 2020, his play has gradually fallen off, and 2023 was the first time in his career – with either the Rams or the Browns – that he lost his role as a starter.

He's still a free agent and only 28, but it doesn't seem like LA is in any rush to bring him back after how his second stint with the team went. If he's not back next year, it'll be the sad end of an era, but it's not like his recent production will be missed.