3 Rams revelations from GM Les Snead that Rams fans will love to hear

It's always enlightening to see and listen to LA Rams GM Les Snead, as he inevitably drops breadcrumbs of intell and clues as to what the Rams were or will be up to. In the Rich Eisen Show podcast, he shares 3 Rams revelations that Rams fans will love to hear.
LA Rams GM Les Snead
LA Rams GM Les Snead / Alika Jenner/GettyImages
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I love to take any and every opportunity to follow LA Rams General Manager Les Snead, because even when he doesn't 'spill the beans,' over the team's future strategy, he seems to drop nuggets of wisdom and the bread crumbs for what might be in the future. If you view his video press conferences, and pay attention to what Snead says and doesn't say, you can get a lot of information from him by reading between the lines.

Les Snead is one of the savviest and shrewdest NFL strategists in the industry today. But while some NFL GMs have been known to sprinkle misinformation to mislead analysts and other teams, Snead does not sully himself with that nonsense. He simply knows where to draw the line of what can and cannot be shared safely. Still, he does have a way of confirming what the team may do by what he is and is not willing to discuss directly.

And so when the opportunity to get more direct feedback from Les Snead on the Rich Eisen Show video podcast arrived, I made sure that I was perched in my chair and able to take copious notes. While those notes cover a lot of ground, the Rich Eisen Show did me a grand favor by clipping and sharing a number key talking points that I had wanted to make in a future article (or articles) and saved me the work of detailed transcription.

In short, why tell you what Les Snead said when I can embed the video snippets and show you what he said instead? With that in mind, here are three revelations about the LA Rams' strategy for the draft and the 2024 NFL season that Les Snead made a point of sharing that are definitely worthwhile to take note of: