3 Rams revelations from GM Les Snead that Rams fans will love to hear

It's always enlightening to see and listen to LA Rams GM Les Snead, as he inevitably drops breadcrumbs of intell and clues as to what the Rams were or will be up to. In the Rich Eisen Show podcast, he shares 3 Rams revelations that Rams fans will love to hear.
LA Rams GM Les Snead
LA Rams GM Les Snead / Alika Jenner/GettyImages
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III: Rams drafted RB Blake Corum over trading back for more picks

When we size up any draft, invariably there is the debate over if or when the team may be open to trading back. In many cases, that debate often tries to acknowledge that the team is reluctant to accept huge gaps in the draft, as that prevents the team from appearing on the board at regular intervals to catch the falling stars who may be valued by the front office.

In the case of the 2024 NFL Draft, the Rams optimal picks to trade back from were Round 1 with the 19th overall pick and Round 3 with the 83rd overall pick. Round 1 made sense because it was the pick with the most value, and trading back in Round 1 to later in the round would net the team the most valued return.

The Round 3 pick made sense because the team had two picks in that round, and if the team traded back with the first pick in that round, the team could net a pick to fill in over the gap in Rounds 4 and or 5. Per Rams GM Les Snead, the team was prepared to trade back if Michigan RB Blake Corum was not on the board at 83. But he was on the board, and the rest was history:

Snead explained what we guessed all along. Choosing RB Blake Corum in Round 3 was too high to view him as a backup for the team. Rather, he should be viewed as part two of a 1-2 punch from the team's backfield in the 2024 offense. With Corum having so much success at scoring, does that make him the primary weapon with short-yardage and goal to go scenarios?

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