3 Rams revelations from GM Les Snead that Rams fans will love to hear

It's always enlightening to see and listen to LA Rams GM Les Snead, as he inevitably drops breadcrumbs of intell and clues as to what the Rams were or will be up to. In the Rich Eisen Show podcast, he shares 3 Rams revelations that Rams fans will love to hear.
LA Rams GM Les Snead
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II: Snead shared that door to Aaron Donald still open

Another area that was skillfully addressed was the matter of All-Pro defensive lineman Aaron Donald's retirement. To the question of when did Donald tip-off the team about his plans to retire, Snead shared that it happened fairly early in the 2023 NFL season. Was it due to the 3-6 start to the season? While that point was skirted, Snead did state that Aaron Donald had a lot of fun playing when the team got hot and nearly ran the table with a 7-1 finish to the season.

Had the Rams won their Wild Card game in the 2024 NFL Playoffs against the Detroit lions, perhaps Aaron Donald's decision may have turned out differently. But following that loss, Donald told Rams Head Coach Sean McVay that his cup was full, and that he wanted to retire from the NFL:

But no bridges were burned.

In his ever-optimistic approach, Les Snead described how the LA Rams got hot in 2021, and convinced then retired DB Eric Weddle to return to the team despite a two-year retirement from the NFL to compete for the team in post-season. Weddle agreed to do so, and earned a Super Bowl ring from playing in just four post-season games.

Pivoting to the Aaron Donald retirement, Snead teased that if the Rams lock up a spot in the 2025 NFL Playoffs, he would circle back around to see if the team could lure DT Aaron Donald out of retirement to play for the team once again. While Snead admitted that he did not believe that Donald would be willing to do so, I am less certain of that fact. Stay tuned.