3 Rams revelations from GM Les Snead that Rams fans will love to hear

It's always enlightening to see and listen to LA Rams GM Les Snead, as he inevitably drops breadcrumbs of intell and clues as to what the Rams were or will be up to. In the Rich Eisen Show podcast, he shares 3 Rams revelations that Rams fans will love to hear.
LA Rams GM Les Snead
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I: Les Snead loves pairing Jared Verse/Braden Fiske in this defense

The third and perhaps most intriguing revelation is the discussion that centered on the team's selection of two of the most prominent Florida State Seminoles defenders, first adding edge rusher Jared Verse followed by defensive tackle Braden Fiske. Host Rich Eisen set up Les Snead by detailing the scenario. Jared Verse participated in the call to inform his teammate Braden Fiske that he was just selected by the LA Rams with the 39th overall pick of the 2024 NFL Draft.

It was a moment that was one of the coolest draft moments in Les Snead's career.

Where the revelation appears is the admission by Snead that the Rams regrouped on Day 2 and worked out the plan to trade up to select Braden Fiske throughout the morning hours. The conversation then morphed into the direction of how the team managed to pull off the logistics of getting Verse on the phone with Fiske for the Round 2 selection.

But Rich Eisen shrewdly turns the topic back to the advantages of selecting two players from the same defense to the roster. Snead shared that the Rams vetting process uncovered just how close the friendship of Jared Verse and Braden Fiske had grown. Snead described their bond that helped each to improve one another through friendly rivalry and pushing one another throughout the season.

Snead admitted that the front office knew that in the void left by Aaron Donald's retirement, the defense needed help. As such, the word shared by the personnel department was that Aaron Donald could not be replaced by one player, but perhaps the team could get close by adding two. Snead then admitted that in the Rams front five on defense, maybe four players could help replace Aaron Donald in 2024.

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