3 reasons to expect another leap from the Los Angeles Rams in the 2024 NFL Season

The Rams were one of the major breakout teams in the NFL in 2023. Can they get even better in 2024?
NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams v Detroit Lions
NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams v Detroit Lions / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages
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Reason No. 2: 2023 Rams draft class can get even better in sophomore year

The sophomore year leap is something that every position in the NFL has experienced. In Joe Burrow's second year, he helped lead the Cincinnati Bengals to the Super Bowl. In Patrick Mahomes' second year, he won the NFL MVP Award. In Russell Wilson's second year, his team won the Super Bowl. I think you get the point here.

Well, the LA Rams have several players who can explode in year two. Their rookie class, which could honestly turn into an all-time great one, featured players like IOL Steve Avila, Puka Nacua, Kobie Turner, and Byron Young. The Rams acing this class should make all of us confident that their 2024 NFL Draft class could be in the same realm.

Well, when you couple the Rams 2023 draft class (hopefully) making their sophomore year leap coupled with another potential strong rookie class coming in, and adding in the savvy veteran players that have been here for a while, you get a perfect storm that gives a huge boost to the Rams in 2024.

The team won 10 games in 2023. Could they win 11 or more in 2024? I don't see how that is out of the question. Rams HC Sean McVay has won 60.9 percent of his regular season games and has had just one losing season in seven seasons. He's also won double-digit games in five of his seven seasons.

There is reason to be huge buyers into the 2024 Los Angeles Rams.