3 reasons why Alaric Jackson's contract year means great things for the Rams

Los Angeles Rams, Alaric Jackson
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Alaric Jackson will be a badder, bullier version in 2024

While it is an easy task to imagine top-choice offensive tackles in the NFL Draft simply arriving and putting up an incredible performance as the Rams new starting left tackle, let's pause with the hypotheticals and pivot to the reality of what the team has enjoyed by starting Jackson at left tackle in 2023, and earmarking him to start in 2024.

Alaric Jackson allowed just one quarterback sack in 2023, both in the regular season and in the NFL Playoffs. Just playback the 2023 NFL season, and run through all of the NFL's top pass rushers that Alaric Jackson had to face just to get through the season. One sack surrendered is nothing short of spectacular. And now overlay those jaw-dropping results with the knowledge that 2023 was Jackson's first season at starting at left tackle.

Alaric Jackson is not a kind-hearted sweetly smiling offensive lineman when the pads go on and he steps onto the football field. He is a bad-attitude bully who loves to push defenders around. Even as we have cited the incredible turn-around experienced by the Rams in the second half of the 2023 NFL season.

One factor is Jackson's getting comfortable in his starting role. So why is nobody making logical projections of Jackson in 2024 anchoring what may be the best offensive line in the NFL? Well, it's a question that more and more people are asking:

Alaric Jackson is due for an incredible season. We have already broken down what lies ahead for the underestimated veteran bully-blocker for 2024 and were able to come up with 3 reasons why he will shine this year. After all, he is a returning starter for this team, and he outperformed even the most optimistic expectations last year.

There is nothing about Alaric Jackson that causes any concerns. He is a confident but modest football veteran who puts in amazing hours of work to continuously hone his craft, he has nearly limitless experience, both in the NFL and in college football, He fears nobody and respects everybody. He is both durable and dependable.

While he isn't a new shiny bauble trying to learn how to play as an offensive lineman in the NFL as a rookie, he is the type of veteran whose daily grind is exactly what this team needs to compete in and win Super Bowl LIX. Alaric Jackson is not just playing for his next contract. he is playing to earn the long-overdue respect.

And it's about time that someone starts talking about it. So I did.

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